Busting some of the myths about Rotary

Rotarians are business owners and managers


Work from home? Just starting out in business? Moving up through the ranks? Made it to the top? Retired? There is a role for you in Rotary.

Rotary is for men only


Rotary International began in 1905, and for the first 84 years of its existence, it is true that women were not admitted into membership. Today women represent approximately 17% of Rotary membership in Australia and the Rotary Club of Biloela is well above that average!

You have to attend every week and every event


We understand that you have other commitments in your life – family, friends, interests, work and so on. We prefer to focus on what you can give, not what you can’t.

Rotary is expensive


We understand that this is a genuine concern and work together to help keep costs down. Your commitment, time and knowledge are the most valuable gifts you can give.

Rotary is hard work


Fun! Fun! FUN! We do work, and sometimes we do work hard, but it is always  with fun and enjoyment. If you pop into any of our  events you will hear plenty of laughter and see a heap of smiles. 

Rotary is for old people


We believe age is just a number! Some of our most vibrant members would be considered ‘old’! Whether you are 18 or 118 we will welcome you with open arms.